Marketing System - Ready Set Go!

Listing Preparation and Marketing System Ready, Set, Go!

 Prior To and Following Obtaining Your Listing Agreement

----------- Ready -----------

1.  Research tax records and title records to verify full and complete legal information is available.

2.  Research competipive properties that are currently on the market, properties that have been withdrawn, properties that are currently under contract, withdrawn and expired properties (properties that did not sell during their time on the market), and properties that have sold in the past three to six months.

3. Call agents, if needed, to discuss activity on the comparable properties they have listed and/or sold in the area.

4. Set Listing Appointment

5. Obtain and verify accurate and preferred methods of contacting you.

6. Gather information to help assess your needs. 

7. Work with you to understand your timing. 

8. Work with you to understand your motivation.

9. Assess the immediate concerns of you and your family. Ask questions about your property and yourself to learn how to provide the information that you need to make wise, educated decisions.

10. Discuss your purchase plans (if applicable) and determine whether our team can assist in your next purchase or if we can refer you to a qualified agent in your new location. 

11.  Provide you with relocation information if needed.

12.  After a tour of your house, present findings from Comparative Market Analysis and discuss pros and cons of sales compared to your house.

13.  Determine price range with you.

14.  Explain our Cancellation Guarantee: 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED.

15.  Explain and answer questions regarding the Residential Listing Agreement.

16. Sign Residential Listing Agreement.

17.  Obtain information from you that will help The Mulhern Realty Group (MRG) prepare the listing, advertising and marketing materials. 

18.  Gather listing resources:
 a.  Keys to your house, make and test duplicate keys to ensure smooth operations.
 b.  Current Tax Bill
 c.  Copies of bills for any recent repairs
 d.  Current Vendors used for gardening, pest control etc.

19.  Provide a house audit and suggest constructive changes that can be made to your house to make it more appealing, show exceptionally well, and help to yield the greatest possible price from an interested Buyer.

20. Provide you with house showing options to help you prepare for appointments. (i.e. lighting, soft music, etc.)

21.  Schedule and/or coordinate inspections, if applicable, with you such as;

  1. House
  2. Termite
  3. Chimney
  4. Septic
  5. Well

MRG will be present to meet inspectors, allow access, present for verbal recap at end of inspection, secure property at finish, and confirm timing and recipient information for complete report.  Provide high level summary to you pending final report.


----------- Set -----------

22. Engage our Transaction Coordinator to begin process of obtaining and providing contract documents; opening escrow with Title Company, ordering primary title reports, Natural Hazards Disclosure Report (NHD)  and, if applicable HOA documentation.

23. Strategically price your house.  Enter in “Coming Soon” area of MLS.

24. Conduct Agent Visual Inspection (AVID) as required for Transfer Disclosure Statement (TDS).

25. Prepare and provide you with a seller net sheet showing all expenses, closing costs and net proceeds.

26. Consult with you as you complete all Seller Disclosures with you to ensure accuracy and full legal disclosure.

27. Order Preliminary Title Report and review for any exceptions noted.

28. Order Third Party disclosures, such as the Natural Hazards Disclosure Report (NHD).

29. Schedule professional photographer to take high definition photographs, inside and outside your house, for multiple marketing purposes. Meet and consult with professional photographer at your house to allow access and assist in photo shoot.

30. Design and order a professional flyer.  Used to promote your house to potential Buyers and increase on line presence.                              

31.  Order house Warranty, if you choose, to protect your house during listing period and for 12 months after the sale to reassure Buyer of the quality of your house.  During the listing period the cost is .80 per day at our expense.

32. Create an online property feature page at www.{YOUR ADDRESS}.com.   Which will host virtual tour and all professional photos.

33. Create an online property feature sheet on,,, and over 300 other sites.

34.  Install our For Sale sign in the front yard (or approved location), with “Coming Soon” rider if necessary.  Maximize showing potential through professional signage.   

35. Install Electronic lockbox (in approved location) to allow Buyers and their agents to view your house conveniently without compromising your family’s security.

36. Create remarks within the MLS system specifying how you want the property to be shown.

37. Submit high definition photos of interior and exterior of your house to the MLS.  

38. Search the MLS System for REALTORS® most likely working with interested and capable Buyers matching your house.

39.  Deliver copies of your listing information for them to review immediately.

40. Create a property disclosure book along with your property profile and property investigations (Seller Disclosures, House, Pest, Roof Inspections etc.). 

41. Place the property disclosure book in house allowing potential Buyers agents to access while they are in the home.

42. Prepare a financing sheet with several financing plans to educate Buyers on methods to purchase your house.

43. Distribute flyer to over 500 agents via email, personally invite agents to see your house during our County Wide Broker Tour.

44.  Announce the new listing at Keller Williams® Realty weekly Tuesday team meeting.  Attend weekly Thursday county wide Broker Tur meeting to promote listing on that day’s tour.  

45. Provide signage to remove shoes in house and provide surgical booties for those keeping shoes on to protect your floors.


----------- Go -----------

46. Coordinate and manage our team in processing & tracking all aspects of your transaction.

47. Submit listing information and private remarks to MLS.

48. Schedule and conduct County Wide Broker's Tour, Thursdays, noting special hours so all agents with possible Buyers have opportunity to preview.

49.  Schedule Open Houses (weekends typically from 12-3pm). 

50. Promote Open House days and times, on line (over 300 sites).

51.  Place special features cards in the house, in approved locations.

52. Promote additional open houses hosted by Mulhern Realty Group, increasing exposure to potential Buyers.  

53. Promote your house by distributing flyers and brochures to local lenders and local Chamber of Commerce to send to those relocating to our area.

54. Promote your house to agents in Santa Clara County at Wednesday County Wide Broker Tour Meetings.

55. Contact VIP Buyers, as well as all qualified Buyers in our database.

56. Reverse Prospect – matching all Buyer’s that are searching for properties similar to yours - with our “Listing Alert” software.

57. Notify Neighbors of your listing and open houses.

58. Follow up with agents who have shown your house using the lockbox, to answer questions they may have and get their client's feedback.

59. Follow up with agents who previewed your house during Broker Tours.

60.  Answer questions they may have and get their client's feedback.

61. Prepare a weekly market analysis update of any activity in your neighborhood (i.e.: new houses on the market, houses that have sold etc) to keep you informed about key market conditions within your area.

62. Schedule phone calls with you for updates on showings and feedback.

63. Log all house showings to keep a record of the marketing activity and potential purchasers.

64. Discuss qualifications of prospective Buyers to help determine Buyer motivation and ability to purchase.

65. Conduct Open Houses with licensed REALTORS® from our team or office, with mutual agreement. 

66. Consult and manage price adjustments, as needed.

67. Receive and review all Offer(s) making sure offer(s) are complete upon presentation.

68.  Speak directly with Buyer's loan officer to verify approval letter and ability to purchase. 

69. Ensure that any offers are submitted with evidence of Buyers review of disclosures and inspections.

70. Schedule appointment with you to review offer(s).

71. Invite Buyers Agent to present Purchase Offer in person to you, if you desire.

72. Explain all aspects of the Buyer's purchase contract.

73. Consult on countering strategies, if applicable. 

74. Prepare counter offers as needed, until mutually agreed upon acceptance.

75. Negotiate best price and terms acceptable to you and your situation.

76. Send fully executed Contract to Escrow and Title Company.

77. Send Contract to Transaction Coordinator.

78. Send Contract to Lender.

79. Monitor contractual timeframes as stated in the Residential Purchase Agreement contract to avoid missed timeframes.

80.  Continue to keep you informed of market changes, sales trends or anything that may affect the value and marketability of your property during escrow.

81. Conslt with you regarding any Addendums to Contract received from Buyers, or being prepared on your behalf.


---------- Pending -----------

82. Change status of property to “Contingent” allowing for continued showings until Buyer releases contingencies.

83. Continue to hold weekly open house until Buyer releases all contingencies.

84. Follow up with you at least weekly as to the progress of the Escrow and Contract timeframes.

85. Ensure the Buyer’s appraisal is ordered within the first week of Escrow.

86. Meet the appraiser, allow access to house, provide comparable sales to appraiser.

87. Coordinate access to house for any Buyer inspections.

88. Review with you the results of any Buyer-requested inspections. 

89. Review and consult regarding any requests Buyer may have for repairs.

90. Assist cooperating agent with determining Buyer and seller solutions that may arise relative to your house and the sale.

91. Follow up, weekly, with the Escrow and Title Company to assure a timely closing.

92. Help you prepare the Homeowner’s Information Sheet which includes information on utilities and services the Buyer will need to know after closing.

93. Coordinate closing and possession activities on your behalf.

94. Coordinate with Buyer’s Agent the Final Walk through of your house.

95. Schedule your “sign off” at the Title Company.

96. Notify Buyers Agent of your sign off.

97. Attend Seller sign off and be prepared to answer any questions that may arise.

98. Confirm that Buyer's signing date allows enough time for them to close escrow by the date that was committed to in the purchase contract or any addendums.

99. Confirm Buyers’ funds and their lenders’ funds have been received in Escrow.

100. Handle paperwork for rent-back period if one is required.


----------- Sold -----------

101.  Assure your proceeds are delivered (via check or wire) in a timely manner.

102. Arrange possession and transfer of house to Buyers. (Keys, warranties, garage door openers, community pool keys, mail box keys, educate new owners of garbage days/recycling, mail procedures etc.).

103. Send a change of address card, complete with a picture of your new house, to 20 friends & family (if applicable)

104. Handle paperwork for rent-back period and offer if one is required.

105. Submit SOLD information to MLS.

The Mulhern Realty Group

The Mulhern Realty Group sells houses in an average of 16 days

Our 105 Step System is incredibly effective!